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by DailyPost - 1 week ago

Bossa Nova raises $17.5 million for retail robots

Why rely stock when the robots can do it? Retailers are utilizing machines from a startup referred to as Bossa Nova Robotics to research what’s promoting on the cabinets. The robots drive autonomously via retailer aisles determining what has bought a...

by DailyPost - 1 week ago

SoftBank could still walk away from Uber

Uber stated Sunday that it agreed to move forward on a proposed investment from SoftBank Group. However SoftBank Funding Advisors despatched a press release to reporters on Monday on behalf of CEO Rajeev Misra, emphasizing that it might nonetheless s...

Business / Social - 1 week ago

Snapchat’s epic strategy flip-flop

It takes courage to say you were wrong about almost everything. But that’s what Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel did this week, and that’s what it will take to save Snapchat. From algorithmic feeds to partnerships to target markets to recruiting adults,...