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Business / Social - 6 days ago

Twitter confirms it’s testing a tweetstorm feature

Twitter confirms it’s testing a feature that allows users to more easily create “tweetstorms” – those series of connected tweets that have grown to be a popular workaround for Twitter’s character count limitations. The feature, which was recently spo...

by DailyPost - 1 week ago

OnePlus adds a six-inch screen and face unlock for the 5T

OnePlus has carved out a nice niche for itself over the past couple of years. The company’s never been too preoccupied with the rush toward bleeding-edge tech. Instead, it’s worked to provide consumers with one of the best deals in smartphones. And t...

by DailyPost - 1 week ago

Pip is a retro games console for kids to learn coding

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has been extremely profitable at sparking all types of creativity by way of its low value microcomputers, which arrived out there again in 2012. Its core electronics are additionally not directly chargeable for UK-based le...