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by DailyPost - 2 days ago

Fleet management tracking provider Samsara raises $40M

& Rapid changes in the shipping industry has caught the attention of investors who are starting to pour large sums of money into the industry. And likely for good reason: as a future where trucks are run autonomously becomes ever clearer, the sensors...

by DailyPost - 2 days ago

Twist is Slack without the annoying distractions

& When Slack implemented threaded conversations, it seemed like the holy grail for internal communications. Slack finally lets you talk about multiple things in separate conversations. But Slack remains a real-time messaging service at heart, so thre...

by DailyPost - 3 days ago

Udacity’s latest Nanodegree will teach React

& In its quest to scale back persistent expertise gaps, Udacity has been designing condensed programs to get college students on top of things on fashionable subjects to enhance employment outcomes. The startup’s “Nanodegrees,” as t...