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by DailyPost - 1 day ago

Uber now lets you request a ride for someone else

& Uber is adding a new feature that lets you specify someone else in your phone’s contact book as the rider for the trip. It was always possible to hail a ride and specify another pickup point if you wanted to, but the new feature really stream...

by DailyPost - 2 days ago

Apple just released the first iOS 11 beta to everyone

& Are you excited about trying out the new features coming up with iOS 11? If so, Apple just released the first public beta of iOS 11 now available to download for everyone. You don’t need to pay $99 for a developer account to download it. But...

by DailyPost - 5 days ago

Crunch Report | Google To Stop Scanning Inboxes

& Today’s Stories  Google now has all the data it needs, will stop scanning Gmail inboxes for ad personalization Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 will reportedly be the company’s most expensive smartphone yet YouTube TV expands to 10 more U.S...